Categories and Codes

These are the various categories and codes used by Koha to describe patrons and items in the catalog.

DBText originally didn’t differentiate borrowers; as long as their expiration date hadn’t passed, they could take out books. I added a select-code field into which we could put various tags such as: IND, FAM, BoD, Vol, PUB PR and a whole bunch of others whose meanings have been lost.

Koha has patron categories, which control dues and borrowing profiles (how many and for how long.) We can add attributes to be used by search filters. Many of the select codes above will go here with descriptions.

Patron Categories:

Each patron will be assigned to one of these categories.

Code Description
FAM Family Member
IND Individual Member
STAFF Paid Staff
BUS Business Member
OTHER Anyone else

Patron Attributes

Each patron may have one or more of these SELECT codes.

Code Description
BOD Board of Directors
CULTV Person to be cultivated
FAM Family Member
IND Individual Member
PR Public relations contact
PUB Publicity contact
VOL Volunteer

There are two additional attributes: MAIL and PUBLISH.  They may have the value True or False.

Item Types

Every item in the catalog will be one of these types.

Code Description
ARCHIVE Archived material
AUDIO Audio Tape, Audio Book, Records, Taped Interviews
BOOK Bookl
DVD DVD (movies>
PAMPHLET Pamphlets
SERIAL Serials
VIDEO Video Tape
OFFSITE Material stored offsite

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  1. We may want to consider adding an “Artwork” Item Type, given the significent collection of artwork the archive stores. What does everyone think?


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