VFW Breakfast in Stuart

We were told that there would be about 60 cars at a breakfast at the VFW lodge in Stuart.  It was about 70 miles from Boca, so I started early. I kept to the back roads.  I’m not brave enough to try I-95.  I went up Military Trail, cut over to Jog, then the Bee-Line highway.  Eventually I got on the Kanner Highway (FL 76).

When I got there, only 6 cars showed up.  Three were Studebaker trucks.

3 count them 3 Studebaker trucks out of 6 entries

3 count them 3 Studebaker trucks out of 6 entries

On the way back I went  down Dixie for a while looking for a gas station that had pure gas.  The alcohol in regular pump gas is not good for old cars.  Fortunately I have a PureGas app on my cell phone.  It found a station for me.  I probably could have made it back without stopping.

During the trip back, my oil pressure dropped.  I wound up putting in 2 quarts.  By the end of the trip I figured that my truck get 500 mpg


of oil.


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