Conversion from DBTextworks to Koha

Some (possibly) helpful hints in converting DBTextworks to Marc records.

We have cracked the problem I had with converting the DBTextwork file I had created (which looked fine until the Marcedit was run over it and all the fields just ran into each other)) by doing the following in Marcedit

In Marc Delimited Text Translator

Choose   “Delimited”  –  comma

Text qualifier  –   “

And tick UTF-8 encoded box

Then when file is converted and you reach the Marc Tools for edit :

Input file C:\ (file name).csv

Output file C:\(same file name).mrc

And tick  Translate to UTF

Then execute

And it should work (well, it did for me!).

Also when doing the first part of the conversion I found that these Export options worked for me

Record separator  {CR} {LF}

Field separator     ,

Entry separator  |

Quote character  “

Store field names in first row   tick box

Steph Lambert

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