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As you can see from my previous posts, I have been having a lot of fun with my truck and the Sunshine chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club. I am now managing the Sunshine Chapter’s website.

In the mean time, I replaced the Davis Vantage Pro with an Oregon Scientific WMR200A station. It lasted about 3 months before the rain gauge failed. I now have a Davis VantageVUE connected to a MeteoBridge. That’s a neat gadget from Ambient Weather which is a linux (naturally) computer measuring about 3″ square and less than 1″ thick. It talks to the weather station via a small radio a little larger than a thumb drive. It is also connected via ethernet (or wifi) to my local network and the internet. It periodically sends data to Weather Underground and a MySQL database on my server. The server then updates this web site.

This web site has also been a major effort in the last week.  Originally I had a plain jane initial page that pointed to the most recent updates in my WordPress blog, the current weather, where the next meeting of our local computer group would be and links to a now defunct large scale garden railroad blog.  I decided to move that stuff into WordPress.  WordPress is in a separate folder under my document root.  I was going just move it directly into the root.  That didn’t work.  The main page in transfers you without delay to

Then I had the fun of learning how to make widgets to display the current weather and next meeting place.  I was using wview to process the data from my station and plot graphs. It’s a free program that runs on Windows, MACs and linux machines and supports a large number of stations. But not the MeteoBridge. I wrote some programs to plot the graphs and send them here. They may not be as pretty as some, but it’s all my own work (except for the background image.)

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