Catching Up

It’s been an interesting year. In November 2018 I was told that I needed to have my right shoulder replaced and on the same day I was told that I needed to have cataract surgery.

I had arthritis and a bone spur on the right shoulder. It was painful and I could feel the bone spur grating as I moved the arm. Dr. Toman in Boca Raton did a total reverse shoulder replacement on December 11th. The shoulder is now comfortable, but still doesn’t have the full range of motion that the left arm has. The only real down side is that I have to take antibiotics whenever I go to the Dentist.

I still haven’t seen the doctor about cataract surgery.

Someone donated a 1954 Studebaker Champion to the St. Lucy Catholic church in Highland Beach in February

Butch Figurella, Ed Ellis and I went to look at the car. It looked to be in good shape. We drove it around the parking lot with no problems. On the way home it stalled at the intersection of A1A and Spanish River. We couldn’t get it restarted. I called AAA for a tow. They wanted a complete description of the car. How many 1954 Studebakers were stopped on Spanish River near A1A?

I got it running and took it to Mizner Park where it stalled again. Another flat bed trip home.

There was a lot of junk in the bottom of the sediment bowl next to the fuel pump. I tried to open the drain plug on the bottom of the gas tank, but it was so covered with undercoat that I couldn’t open it. The internet all said that the way to remove undercoat was to use a heat gun and a scraper. I wasn’t going to get under the car and use a heat gun on the gas tank.

I pumped out all the gas and put new ethanol free gas in the tank. Then I replaced the battery, coil and spark plug wires. It now runs pretty good after I let it warm up. I took it to the Cracker Barrel in Deerfield for a Sunshine Chapter SDC breakfast without problems.

The less said about the RM Southeby’s auction in Fort Lauderdale the better. I reported on that on the Sunshine Chapter site.

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