Hurricane Dorian

The 2pm report on Dorian said that it was at 26.5 N / 77.1W moving W at 7mph. The max sustained winds are at 185 mph, That’s category 5. My house is at 26.4N / 80.1W. That’s 186 miles east of me. At 7mph it will be here in 26 hours unless it follows the predictions and turns north.

Hunkered down

I’m pretty well hunkered down waiting for the storm. I have hurricane windows all around the house and a natural gas generator. The cars are as close to the house as possible for shelter. Being below the ridge that runs along NW 4th Avenue, I’m somewhat sheltered from wind and storm surge.

The big question was do I put the Champion inside the garage and put the pickup outside. The Champion is a lot more aerodynamic in shape and should catch less wind than the pickup. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I’ve been through a lot of hurricanes. Hurricane Andrew was aimed right at Boca Raton, then made an abrupt turn south to hit Homestead south of Miami.

Being on high ground (22 feet above sea level) flooding is not a problem. The end of my block is only 10 feet above sea level. The elevation makes me more at risk for lightning. My house and trees have been struck a number of times. I lost a great mango tree in the front year and 30 feet off a Norfolk Island Pine in the back yard. The latter was 120 feet tall and the top 30 feet went right through my roof. I’ve also had strikes that fried my phones, tape recorders and my local network.

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