VFW Breakfast in Stuart

We were told that there would be about 60 cars at a breakfast at the VFW lodge in Stuart.  It was about 70 miles from Boca, so I started early. I kept to the back roads.  I’m not brave enough to try I-95.  I went up Military Trail, cut over to Jog, then the Bee-Line highway.  Eventually I got on the Kanner Highway (FL 76).

When I got there, only 6 cars showed up.  Three were Studebaker trucks.

3 count them 3 Studebaker trucks out of 6 entries

3 count them 3 Studebaker trucks out of 6 entries

On the way back I went  down Dixie for a while looking for a gas station that had pure gas.  The alcohol in regular pump gas is not good for old cars.  Fortunately I have a PureGas app on my cell phone.  It found a station for me.  I probably could have made it back without stopping.

During the trip back, my oil pressure dropped.  I wound up putting in 2 quarts.  By the end of the trip I figured that my truck get 500 mpg


of oil.


2013 Florida State Studebaker Meet

In November I went to the Florida State Studebaker Meet in Port St. Lucie.  I couldn’t take my truck, because the brakes still needed work.  Had a grand time and met a lot of interesting people.  I joined the local chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club.  There were a lot of interesting Studebakers and a Packard or two.  There were even a few 1950 1/2 ton pickups like mine.

Studebaker going in style

Studebaker going in style

Yes, the one on the right is a Studebaker

Yes, the one on the right is a Studebaker

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Much work done on the truck

I’ve named the truck Yellow Dog Dingo because it leaves a marker every where it goes.  (If you’ve ever had a vintage car/truck, you know what I mean.)


As you can see from the picture, I’ve added a tool box to the left side.  The parts shop asked $60 for installation.  It took them 3 hours to do it.  They didn’t make any money on that one.

A neighbor helped me to re-do the brakes, new wheel cylinders and springs mostly.  We also replaced the tie rod ends and drag link.  They were so loose that he was afraid that they would fall off.

So far I’ve driven it down to Fort Lauderdale several times and it’s working great.  Still a little noisy. The exhaust is the next challenge.


My Weather Station

I’ve had a Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station for some years.  The corner of my block is 22 feet above sea level, which is about the highest point in south Florida (apart from Mount Trashmore).  The station on my roof is about 44 feet above sea level.

Florida has a very high rate of lightning strikes.  The closer you are to the equator, the more powerful they are.  My house has been hit a number of times.  They’ve taken out several trees, my phones, my network, my alarm system and the latest hit my weather station.  At first it seemed to be the USB port on the indoor console.  I replaced that and got it working.  Now the barometer and wind direction are not working.  Temperature, humidity and wind velocity seem to be OK.

The warranty is good for 1 year and is long past.  It does not cover lightning in any event.

Once I get the truck done, I’ll have to think about replacing it.